Acne Scar Treatment

Acne Scar Treatment

Acne is a skin condition that occurs when your hair follicles get clogged with oil, dead skin cells and bacteria. It can be whiteheads blackheads and pimples. Acne scars caused by body responds to the active acne infection when body respond by the hyperpigmentation and erythema. Pigmentation and erythema are comparatively easy to treat. There can be two types of acne scars atrophy and hypertrophic scars. Atrophic scar can be box scar, rolling scar and icepick scar. Atrophic scars are because of the lack of the collagen and fibrotic bands that causes depression or the pit on the skin. On the contrary the hypertrophic scar are due to the excessive collagen and are raised above the skin level.


  1. Control of any active acne with medications, chemical peels, lasers and proper diet.
  2. For acne scars PRP with microneedling, MNRF treatment, CO2 fractional laser, subscision, PDO mono threads.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I prevent acne scars?
You can prevent acne scars by not touching them frequently and not popping them out. Take doctor’s consultation at early stage before it gets worse.
Will acne scar go naturally by their own?
No acne scars won’t heal by their own, the depressions will last for forever if not treated the best solutions offered will be micro needling with PRP, subscision, MNRF treatment and the resurfacing laser.
Which treatment is best for me?
If you have any doubt about treatment which will besr suit you, please book consultation with our expert doctor and she will guide you accordingly.
How many sessions are required for acne scars to completely go?
That depends upon your acne and acne scars severity and type of scars. Usaually 6-8 sessions are required.

What People Say

Clients Testimonials

Would not have gone the regular braces route because I am in a customer-facing position. I am in the customer relationship dept , with a lot of people around me with whome I ll be interacting a lot. To be in management, in a hi-tech company with a mouthful of braces in front of customers and prospects and other executive partners, it just wasn’t an option. I explained my problem to Dr Kalnge and she had a perfect solution for that.. The Invisalign. What I like about it the fact that no one could notice that it was in my mouth during whole duration of treatment. My friends were surprised to see my teeth and smile changed without wearing any visible braces. I highly recommend Dr Kalange’s invisible braces.


I am so glad I made the investment to go with aligners rather than metal braces. I’ve heard stories of people having food stuck in their metal braces, and I didn’t want to go through that. It’s so easy — all I have to do is remove my aligners when I eat. Dr Kalange gave me the exact solution to my problem the way I wanted it to be.


My son who is very afraid to go to doctors, had his first consultation with Dr Kalange, I was astonished to see the way Dr Kalange and her staff handled the fear and anxiety of my son. He became very comfortable. The facility is very impressive, the staff is very helpful and knowledgeable. They put my son at ease right away as he begins his orthodontic treatments. He is no longer nervous about future appointments. Thank you!

Mrs Tanvi Jain

At the point when I initially visited Dr. Kalange, I didn’t have idea of invisible braces. I always wanted to get my teeth straightened but was scared of putting braces on because of esthetic concern. Dr Kalange explained me they have virtually invisible braces called Invisalign. The moment Dr Kalange explained me about Invisalign, I couldn’t believe on my ears that I can get my teeth straightened without putting a single metal bracket or wire in mouth. It was like wish come true moment for me. Dr. Kalange’s staff went to work ensuring that I was well informed, comfortable and responded to all inquiries that I had. I understood that they gave me best treatment solution to fit my requirements. I can’t communicate how superb Dr. Kalanges and her staff have been, they treat you with the highest regard and like you are an individual from the family! I have and will keep on suggesting Dr. Kalange to any individual who needs a GREAT Orthodontist!


As a teenager, I had some teeth crowding and I never liked it. Now I am a flight attendant and am around a lot of people, but I didn’t smile much as I didn’t like my smile. I was embarrassed to show my smile to people. I eventually decided to take care of it and booked consultation with Dr Kalange.

“The staff is very professional and friendly. They were also very helpful with working with me on how to do payments. The doctor was very thorough on explaining how the Invisalign procedure works. I have more confidence now that my teeth are straight and don’t think anything of smiling and interrelating with people.


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